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As a sportsman, you know very well the importance of your body. But if you live a busy life, your body is constantly exposed to pressure as well. Sport massage is the solution!
Not only to improve your condition in general, but also to increase your power handling capacity and to prevent injuries and physical symptoms. So pass by in our massage practice in Geldrop and experience the power of a sport massage yourself.

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What is sport massage?

Sport massage ensures body wastes that cause weariness, pain or convulsions to be carried off faster. Therefore the body recovers faster. Besides, sport massage improves the blood flow trough the muscle tissue, as a result your power handling capacity increases.
So a sport massage can work as injury prevention as well.
Finally, a sport massage can be used to activate the muscles before a sports performance.

Although the name suggests otherwise, sports massage is suitable for both athletes and non-athletes. Important is that sports massage can only be performed on a healthy body. After a muscle tear, at an inflammation, wound or fever should not be massaged. Even if the muscles are very heavy charged, it’s better to postpone the sports massage.
In addition, there are other circumstances to also postpone the sports massage, the so-called contradicts.

Pregnancy massage

You’re pregnant … what a wonderful news and of course congratulations. A new and exciting period in your life starts and complaints such as poor sleep, pelvises- and back pain you certainly do not need. The good news: you don’t have to! Thanks to pregnancy massage you can avoid complaints and you can be fitter towards your delivery. In addition, it’s nice to take a moment for yourself and relax; you are already busy enough.

We are pleased to welcome you in our practice in Geldrop, near Eindhoven. That may already be from the moment you know you are pregnant, but it’s smarter to wait until you are in further in your pregnancy process . The best time to start with the pregnancy massage is after four months pregnancy. We have a special massage cushion for pregnant women, where you can lie on your belly, after a long time.

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